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Why is yogscast on onlylolgifs

Because Lewis as a bee is still the funniest thing.

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Smiffy is always so protective/flirty around/with Trott

Video links (x)

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Lewis is so cute when he’s laughing too hard.

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everybody has to help Sjin with his phone [x]

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Turps being adorable [x]

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Okayyy I couldn’t wait anymore!! I have been sitting way too long on this drawing waiting on Sips and I have no idea if that ep is even coming out anytime soon and if it does, well I will just have to update this I guess. But yes!! I was enjoying the Tryhard series A LOT because anything that even comes close to having dnd or larp elements and has nerds dressing up makes me go starry and heart eyed at the same time ok.

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sips your genius is showing

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