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I don’t like cheating

- Lewis Brindley 2014 - Hole Digger Ep 27 (via yosgcast)

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Mad Hats

I have to admit, even though it took me way too long to finish, I enjoyed drawing this set. I think I had waaay too much fun doing the Ross piece, blood and all. (He looks like he’s enjoying being in the blood cult. *___*) 

And Trott wearing Eric as a scarf based on that Hat Pack episode (forgot which one) because, why not? xD

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Did anyone else see this because I missed it

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yogstrash made this post a while back and i couldnt not draw it

dont wear leather in hot weather, kids

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Nothing is safe. Not even your outro. 

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Here is the finished project of me working for around 2 years on 7 munnys based on the Yogscast :D

I made time laspe videos of all of these and can be watched below:




Martyn (inthelittlewood)

Sips & Sjin

Duncan (Lividcoffee)

With Simon, Martyn, Hannah and Sips notably liking the project on Twitter and the YogForums I have enjoyed creating this series :)

Thank you!! :D

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i really love yogscast turnip

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*Simon casually walks in like he always does* x

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, I love the editors!

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